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WOW, what an event!!

The first Sedona Hummingbird Festival took place August 3-4-5, 2012, with presentations at the new Sedona Performing Arts Center.  We now estimate over 450 people were present on Saturday, fewer on Friday and Sunday. They came from 21 states, as well as France, Guam, and Colombia. The positive response to the first-time event was clearly evident among the attendees.

The hottest spots reported about 1,000 hummers a day, and several others were in the 200-500 per day range, leaving no doubt about the timing of the festival. The weather was superb—not a single monsoon shower to dampen anyone's spirits. Tickets to sunrise breakfasts, garden tours, and the Gala were totally sold out!!!

We thank the City of Sedona, the business sponsors and supporters, the individual Festival Boosters, the incredible number of volunteers, the Northern Arizona Audubon Society, and the community at large for making the event a success.

We'll be posting photos and videos, as well as attendee testimonials, as soon as we can  (see the Memories tab on the menu bar). If you have some you took while there, share your best with us!

CBS Evening News came to our event. You can see their story, broadcast August 15, 2012, by clicking here. (Too bad they didn't mention the footage was taken at the Festival!)

NBC News did a brief story about hummingbirds, and listed our festival (click here).

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The Festival featured three full days of presentations at the new Sedona Performing Arts Center. The Society invited hummingbird experts in many interest areas: science, gardening, photography, conservation, etc. The program will be entirely about hummingbirds.

In addition to the daytime presentations, on Saturday night we held a special conservation lecture by one of the world's most noted hummingbird photographers and hummingbird conservationists from Colombia, Dr. Luis A. Mazariegos. All ticket sales will be donated to the nonprofit Hummingbird Conservancy of Colombia; ticket donation of $15 is tax-deductible.

NOTE:  This event needs a sponsor in 2013. If interested, call our office at (928) 284-2251.

Just a hundred feet from the Sedona Performing Arts Center was the Hummingbird Mall, where a variety of vendors offer their merchandise, including art, photography, crafts--an extraordinary opportunity to do some early holiday shopping. We also held a raffle for a variety of hard-to-find hummingbird items!

On the Thursday evening before presentations start, a Gala Banquet was held at one of Sedona's best known resorts, Sedona Rouge and Spa. This was a memorable event, marking the beginning of what is expected to be a long-running, successful festival that adds to Sedona's special attractiveness. We believe this festival has the potential to be the premiere hummingbird festival in the United States.

Public hotspots (free) gave visitors the chance to see large quantities of hummingbirds, mostly migrants.

A hummingbird garden tour (Saturday only; tickets $10) showed how residents of this "high desert' area garden attract hummers by visiting six private gardens.WAS SOLD OUT

Or, how about our sunrise hummingbird breakfasts (advance tickets needed) at several of the hotspots, while the hummers had their breakfast? WAS SOLD OUT

We had a free public demonstration of hummingbird banding by Steve and Debbie Bouricius from Colorado. If you think a hummingbird is small, you should see the tiny numbered ring that is used to uniquely identify it!

(all birds, not just hummingbirds; for those seriously interest in birds of our area)
The Northern Arizona Audubon Society generously led several birding trips.

In the Sedona summers, arriving hummers and visitors know they have reached a hummingbird oasis and a little bit of hummingbird heaven!

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Top Cathedral Rock photo by: Andrew Holman Photography
(hummingbird) Randall Blackwood