Traveling to Sedona

Sedona is located about 120 miles north of Phoenix, Arizona, about a 2-hour drive on Interstate 17 then another 15 minutes on State Highway 179.  Most visitors fly into Phoenix.

Once on the ground, you have two choices:  (1) rent a car and drive to Sedona, keeping it for the duration of your visit, or (2) take a shuttle (small van or limousine) from the airport to your Sedona destination. Important:  ask the shuttle service if they will drop you off at your destination rather than at a central point from which you'll need a taxi. Public transportation in Sedona is limited in hours and extent.

If you use the shuttle service, you can always rent a car in Sedona, which is served by Hertz, Avis, and a few local companies; usually cheaper than renting at the Phoenix Airport.

Note:  Flagstaff, Arizona, a drive of about 40 minutes to the north of Sedona, is used more by general aviation than by commercial airlines, but US Air does serve it on a limited basis. You might check into the possibilities there.

Note:  Sedona itself has a gorgeous airport that sits atop a mesa, with a runway of 5,131 feet; it is used by private planes and corporate jets but no commercial airlines. Even if you don't fly into the airport, be sure to drive up there during your visit. It's one of Sedona's best known spots to watch sunsets; the other is Cathedral Rock, viewed from Red Rock Crossing.

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Top Cathedral Rock photo by: Andrew Holman Photography
(hummingbird) Randall Blackwood