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This 2-sided, 4 x 9 inch card contains the answers to a remarkable number of questions that people have asked us the past 17 years, from nectar recipes to the flowers attractive to hummingbirds. It is great for individual use but also handy for distribution at your bird club, garden club, show booth, etc.

Thanks to the generosity of Parasol LLC, one of our Corporate Sponsors and a manufacturer of extraordinary glass hummingbird feeders, we are able to offer these free of cost up to a quantity of 50. For 1-4 cards, just send us a stamped, self-addressed #10 envelope with your request. For 5 or more, send us an email telling us how many you need; you can send a small donation to cover shipping charges if you like, but it isn't required.

For quantities of greater than 50, please call/email our office for details.

You can also download a copy of it now (file size:  52 kb).

link to Sedona Hummingbird Festival

Photo: Wally Nussbaumer

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