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The Hummingbird Society publishes a color print newsletter about hummingbirds for its members. Articles cover a variety of hummingbird-related topics, including but not limited to the following:

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  • Hummingbirds at risk of extinction
  • How to attract ad feed hummingbirds
  • Gardening for hummingbirds
  • Hummingbird characteristics and behavior
  • Banding research
  • Rehabilitation of injured hummingbirds
  • Personal encounters
  • Book and video reviews
  • Members news
  • High-quality hummingbird photographs

Members receive four issues for their 1-year membership. Frequency is essentially quarterly, but publication dates vary and are rarely precise. (This situation is expected to be remedied sometime in early 2005).

Back issues are available for USD$5.00 for issues still in stock; this price includes shipping. Only non-current issues are available for sale.

Click images to view sample articles. Note: Must have Adobe Reader installed to view samples.

Sample Article:
Evolution of a Native Plant Garden
by: Linda Hedges

Linda Hedges looked at the desolate landscaping surrounding her new home in the Davis Mountains of West Texas. She became determined to transform it, using only native plant species, and succeeded beyond her dreams. As a result, hummingbirds and other wildlife now call her home theirs.

Sample Article:
The Amazing Hummingbird Tongue!

Contrary to popular belief, hummingbirds don't use their tongues to suck up nectar, as with a straw. The tongue, which can extend as far beyond the bill as the bill is long, can reach deep into blossoms which the bill alone cannot.

Sample Article:
Hummingbirds and Wildlife Art: A Natural Combination!

The Hummingbird Society held its first Festival of Hummingbirds(sm) in Tucson, Arizona in April, 2003. The Hummingbird and Wildlife Art Show was inaugurated at the same time. A review of the festival and art show shows the depth with which the event was planned and executed.

link to Sedona Hummingbird Festival

Photo: Wally Nussbaumer

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