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Hummingbirds command our attention! As if their unique mode of flying weren't enough, the degree of variety in their appearance seems to touch on every aspect. Not only their extraordinary color and size, but the length and shape of the bill, the number and shape of their tail feathers, and even what part of their body carries the intense iridescence. Such infinitely imaginative creation! It is hard to imagine a world without these living rainbows and the joy that they bring! But, the truth is they need our protection. According to BirdLife International. about 10% of all species (34 of the known 338 species) are at risk of extinction. That's why there is a need for the Hummingbird Society!

Thanks to the generous spirit of photographers all around the world who willingly share their hummingbird pictures, we can present images of over half of all hummingbird species in our gallery.
One can see for oneself the different adaptations that have evolved for their survival as a result of each unique environment, from desert plains to mountain plateaus with elevations as high as 14,000 feet. We so appreciate the research and travel and skill (and a good deal of luck) required to capture all of these exciting images!

If you have high-quality hummingbird pictures and would like them to be considered for our Photo Gallery, please consider these guidelines:
* Inquire first! Tell us what species you have to offer.
* Don't email us images, which can quickly fill up our mailbox and slow our download times! Instead, post them on your website and provide us with links.
Alternatively, you can burn a CD or DVD and mail your images, or upload them to a transfer site, which will allow large files without using email for transfer.
* Do not send images taken on feeders; they will not be considered unless the hummingbird is a rare species for which few images are available.

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Sparkling Violet-ear

Sparkling Violet-ear

link to Sedona Hummingbird Festival

Photo: Wally Nussbaumer

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