Please support our generous sponsors who year in and year out provide support to help us fulfill our mission!

SONGBIRD ESSENTIALS produces a unique line of problem-solving products for wild bird lovers, available from over 2,000 specialty stores and websites.

PERKY-PET is one of the oldest manufacturers of feeders for hummingbirds and other birds. They were the first company to become a corporate sponsor of the Hummingbird Society!

PARASOL LLC produces beautiful and high quality hummingbird feeders and other garden products. Elegance and beauty in your garden!

HIGH COUNTRY GARDENS offers an array of plants that grow in a variety of climates, including yours--with an exceptional emphasis hummingbird plants. Your #1 place for the Society's favorite hummingbird plant family, Agastache.

YARDENVY offers the very best in fine garden and patio decor, with a wide variety of bird houses, bird feeders (especially hummingbirds!), teak patio furniture, etc.

ASPECTS INC. has made innovative feeders for over thirty years and donates to conservation programs (like the Hummingbird Society!). Created the "Jewel Box" feeder for your windows.

DROLL YANKEES believes that if you feed birds, you make a difference. All feeders are guaranteed!!

link to view The Hummingbird Connection, member magazine of the Hummingbird Society

Photo: Wally Nussbaumer

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