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Early Morning Birding Trips

Early Morning Bird Trips:  Birders had the opportunity to visit different habitats; tickets are reasonably priced, but reservations are required because of extremely limited capacity. Trips are led by the Northern Arizona Audubon Society. Please arrive early, bring your binoculars, and water.  Be prepared to car pool as parking is limited at the birding sites. They leave the SPAC promptly at 6:30 AM. Below are descriptions for each birding trip to help you decide which one is for you!

  Birding Advance Ticket: $30        Birding at the Door Ticket: $35

NOTE: The birding tours are NOT handicapped accessible. There is NO restroom availability, PLAN ACCORDINGLY!

Birding Trip Descriptions

Oak Creek Canyon - You should see higher elevation birds such as broad-tailed hummingbird, acorn woodpecker, house wren, white-breasted nuthatch, western tanager, cordilleran flycatcher. Also, a chance for Rivoli's hummingbird and warblers like painted redstart, red-faced, & grace's. (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Friday and Saturday  SOLD OUT


Page Springs - this is not a hummingbird trip, but you should see common black hawk, bridled titmouse, bell's vireo, brown-crested flycatcher, wood duck, and probably the most species of any trip. Also, chances for zone-tailed hawk, osprey, and water birds. (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) 


Chuckwalla - this is not a hummingbird trip, but guaranteed to see cactus wren & curve-billed thrasher. other likely birds are canyon towhee, ash-throated flycatcher, western kingbird, cardinal, woodhouse scrub jay, phainopepla. and if time permits leader might stop on way back for vermillion flycatcher and other birds. (Saturday & Sunday)

Saturday SOLD OUT!


Wetlands and Yard  - a short walk around the wetlands for over summering ducks, nesting coots, pied-billed grebes, ruddy ducks, killdeer, song sparrows. other possibilities include yellow warbler, common yellowthroat, bullock's oriole. then a drive to a house with 20 hummingbird feeders that also has nesting summer tanagers, gila & ladderback woodpeckers, hooded oriole, and more. (Saturday & Sunday)

Jail Trail (NEW)- a variety of birds along the Verde River. Easy walk completely in shade with possibility of owls, hawks, and riparian species. (Friday ONLY)

Birds & History (NEW)- , where Sedona began - make 4 stops along red rock loop to see a few birds and learn the history of where Sedona started. (Saturday & Sunday)

Windmill Park & Fish Hatchery Butterfly Garden (NEW)- see vermillion flycatcher, cliff swallow, Abert's towhee at windmill and butterflies as well as birds at the fish hatchery. (Saturday)

Buddist Stupa, Birds, and Meditation (NEW)- Vortex, views, birds, and meditation -take in the panoramic views of Sedona and see birds like crissal thrasher, juniper titmouse, canyon towhee, woodhouse scrub jay. After that, take time to clear your mind and meditate at a few of the stops. (Sunday)

NOTE: The birding tours are NOT handicapped accessible. There is NO restroom availability, PLAN ACCORDINGLY!

After the birding guides are paid, a large percentage of the sales goes to Northern Arizona Audubon Society. 

*Children 12 and under are free for all activities with a paid adult. 

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