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Anna’s Hummingbird photo by Lisa Meyers Swanson

Cathedral Rock photo by Beth Kingsley Hawkins 

Special Attractions

Pash - Happy the Hummigbird Bob Coates (1).jpg

Happy the Hummingbird Spirit

Pash Galbavy will offer ‘wish keepers’ i.e., a colored string that she will tie around peopl’es wrist to help anchor their wish.  She will pose for photographs with visitors and be part of the ‘scene’ to help create a festive ambiance.

Alive Today Enterprises, Sedona, AZ

Michelle Losee Falcon (1).jpg

International Raptor and

Falcony Center

Michele Losee, PhD, Founder and Executive Director will bring birds of prey from their rehabilitation center. They will be sharing their exhibit all three days during lunch.

Madam Eileen Baloon Creations.webp

Madam Eileen's Balloon Creations

So much fun to come at the festival! We have Eileen with her fabulous and creative balloon animals. She even makes hummingbirds! Eileen will be there Saturday during the lunch hour. 

Check out her other balloon creations, HERE.

Solomon Morris Guitarist.jpeg

Music: Solomon Morris on Guitar

Solomon Morris will create a beautiful musical atmosphere with his jazz guitar playing during lunch hour. He will also be performing at the Gala Banquet at Poco Diablo Resort Saturday evening. 

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