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Anna’s Hummingbird photo by Lisa Meyers Swanson

Cathedral Rock photo by Beth Kingsley Hawkins 

Special Attractions

Pash - Happy the Hummigbird Bob Coates (1).jpg

Happy the Hummingbird Spirit

Pash Galbavy will offer ‘wish keepers’ i.e., a colored string that she will tie around peopl’es wrist to help anchor their wish.  She will pose for photographs with visitors and be part of the ‘scene’ to help create a festive ambiance.

Alive Today Enterprises, Sedona, AZ

Michelle Losee Falcon (1).jpg

International Raptor and

Falcony Center

Michele Losee, PhD, Founder and Executive Director will bring a live raptor from their rehabilitation center.

Face Painting

Face Painting

There will be a face painter that will specialize in dazzling hummingbirds and butterflies! This free treat is for all ages!

The photo is illustration

Solomon Morris Guitarist.jpeg

Music: Solomon Morris on Guitar

Solomon Morris will create a beautiful musical atmosphere with his jazz guitar playing during lunch hour.

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