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Hummingbird Garden Tours

Experience the magic of hummingbirds in the beautiful red rock setting of Sedona! Just a note, the hummingbirds are on their own schedule, and if they don't happen to be present in a particular garden when you are, you will still have a chance to see what the gardens have to offer in terms of hummingbird-attracting plants in a high desert environment.

They can be purchased for either Saturday or Sunday permitting a self-guided garden visit at your own schedule. This allows you to visit the gardens and spend as much time as desired but still see lectures on the opposite day. You will take your PayPal receipt and bring it to SPAC location where you will get a wristband and garden tour map to enjoy the gardens.  You may pick them up anytime Fri/Sat/Sun after 8am. 

NOTE: The map of the gardens will detail which gardens are handicapped accessible. ALL GARDEN SITES HAVE NO RESTROOM ACCESSIBILITY, SO PLAN ACCORDINGLY!    

Garden Advance Ticket: $30    Garden at the Door Ticket: $35


Garden Descriptions


Garden 1 - A Landscaper’s Garden:  Garden of Larry Anderson


Larry’s Garden is an organic working and display garden.  From grapevines to container pots, this garden has exceptional and numerous examples of the wide varieties of hummingbird-loving plants that grow well in this desert region.  See Larry’s two wild and wonderful ‘Hummingbird Feeder Sculptures’. Wander into the shade of large trees and arbors perfect for nests as well as resting sites for migrating hummingbirds and other Northern American bird species.


Not handicapped accessible.


Garden 2 - Enhanced Nature: Garden of Dan Wiencek


 I like to call my philosophy for landscaping “Enhanced Nature.” To attract hummers, I have a variety of Salvias and Butterfly Bushes and, of course, a handful of feeders.  In the last three years I have planted about 500 plants. 

I try to use plants that are well adapted to our temperatures and, with the exception of the back yard, try to blend my landscaping with the natural environment.  The back yard is a bit more formal than the balance of the property, but still focuses primarily on adapted plants.

Our lot backs to National Forest with red rock views of Elephant rock (one of the twin buttes) and has a wash running through it, so the setting is pretty amazing.  We are blessed to have 2/3 of an acre with plentiful native trees and shrubs, including what I think may be the biggest Manzanita in the area.  Be sure to check it out as you arrive.


Not handicapped accessible.

Garden 3 - Many Gardens in One: Garden of Trea Christopher Grey and Kimall Christiansen


Nestled high on a hill adjacent to National Forest, this ½ acre property of artist Trea Christopher Grey and designer Kimall Christensen rests in the quiet Casa Mañana neighborhood of Sedona.  There are 11 unique garden settings here to experience, many with stunning views of Sedona’s Red Rock majesty. 

The water garden carries the imagination to Bali (water lilies tropical palms, ginger and bamboos.)  The Mediterranean garden evokes a “Persian Pleasure Garden” (Pomegranate, Italian Cypress, Rosemary, Figs and Ornamental grasses.) Each nestled space provides seating to observe birds and wildlife, and for quiet contemplation.

Trea and Kimall have had the great pleasure to nurture this garden for 24 years, resulting in many mature trees and plants.  This is also considered a ‘collectors’ garden’ with many diverse plant species that thrive…and are given allowance to naturalize and reconfigure the garden on an annual basis.  Incorporated are plants that attract hummingbirds, including red salvias, vitex, Agastache, lantana, columbine, penstemon, buddleia, cat mine, daylily, yucca, desert willow and honeysuckle.


Not handicapped accessible.

Garden 4 - Athena Tree Gardens:  Garden of Kira Athena - Village of Oak Creek (NEW)

We’ve lived all over the country and have developed lush gardens in many desert environments. Here in Pine Valley, our place was initially established 30 years ago by someone who loved gardens. We’ve spent our time bringing everything back to life and into thriving blooms, while adding many different types of hummingbird and bee attracting flowers and shrubs to complement our stunning view of Lee Mountain, which we like to call Magic Mountain.  


We have ponds and meandering pathways, many beautiful places to sit with the views and the birds, so each moment throughout the landscape is existing within the expanded beauty where you can feel connected to the soul of Sedona.  There’s an energy here that feels similar to the Stupa, through the peaceful environment of the land with the birds. We love bringing all forms of life and beauty together in one space, especially with how the hummingbirds connect these aspects of nature in such a beautiful way.  We’re also developing food gardens and an earth dome, in process for next year. We’re honored for Athena Tree Gardens to be part of the Hummingbird Festival and to share this inspiring space.

Yes! It is handicapped accessible.


Garden 5 - A Sanctuary for Hummingbirds: Garden of Bernadette Bezich – a returning favorite


Bernadette Bezich works year-round to have a bountiful habitat for her hummers.  In addition to flowers, she also maintains numerous feeders for her hummingbird friends.  Bernadette says: “I live near Oak Creek with gardens all around my property.  It is called ‘Tiny Waters’ after the canal above us which allows irrigation.  During the winter I keep about six feeders around the house for the Anna’s males that stay all winter.  In the spring many more come, the female Anna’s and the Black-chinneds, and they spend the summer.  The Rufous and Broadtails stop on their way north.  I have also seen the Costa’s on rare occasions.  In the evening before the sunset, dozens of hummers crowd the feeders, I keep about twenty around the house.  They are a pleasure to watch and take care of.  I spend a lot of time cleaning and filling feeders, as I love my hummers.”


Not handicapped accessible.


Some hummingbird etiquette to observe: Bernadette asks that you don’t stand up too close to the feeders, as it keeps the birds from coming.

Garden 6 - Hummingbird Haven: Garden of Michelle Kerr (NEW) 

Hummingbird Haven is located in the quiet neighborhood of Oak Creek Country Club in the Village of Oak Creek.   Our garden seeks to follow the principles of attracting hummingbirds using feeders, flowers, fountains and foliage.


This approximate half acre property has a majestic willow tree and a magnificent magnolia along with many fruit trees that provide shelter and shade to these wonderful creatures to rest and preen.  The Hummingbird Haven has over a dozen feeders in separate locations to provide nourishment and 8 different fountains that provide moving water for the hummingbirds to cool off and bathe.  


To create an enticing hummingbird habitat, we planted many different perennials including hibiscus, pincushions, salvia, honeysuckle, jasmine, Passion Flower, Snapdragons , Calla Lilly, Canna Lilly, Queen of the Nile and butterfly bushes.   Hummingbird friendly annuals such as mandevillas, petunias, pentas and bougainvillea are also incorporated into the Hummingbird Haven.  In total over 30 different hummingbird friendly plants and shrubs are available as natural sources of nectar and nourishment. 


Each feeder station has seating to observe these amazing birds.   The front garden is handicap accessible and the rear garden is partially handicap accessible.   We look forward to your visit!

Partially handicapped accessible


Hummingbird Hotspot - Get Your Hummingbird Fix! (NEW)

Rich and Nanette Armstrong are opening up their garden to those who want to get their hummingbird fix while enjoying a peaceful and serene environment.  Located right on Oak Creek, this property has various fruit trees, 20 hummingbird feeders, suet feeders, millet feeders, sunflower seed feeders, has recorded 174 species in the yard, and hopes to have 5 hummingbird species. Talk about a hotspot!

NOTE: The map of the gardens will detail which gardens are handicapped accessible. ALL GARDEN SITES HAVE NO RESTROOM ACCESSIBILITY, SO PLAN ACCORDINGLY!

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