Hummy the Magnificent, a children's book

by Beth Kingsley Hawkins

This is a story about a hummingbird who was allergic to flowers--and that's a big problem for a hummingbird!

A perfect book for your child or grandchild!

Hummy the hummingbird struggled with sneezing, stomach problems, hives, and a variety of other ailments. He finally gave up and decided to leave the garden and go live in an apartment in the city--where everything was gray and totally of cement.

He stopped sneezing, but he lost his joy for living--no colors, no flowers, no familiar faces...

Fortunately, he discovered a hummingbird feeder outside a school library, which the students had placed to discover if there were any hummingbirds in the city.

When he flew into an open library window, he discovered little Rosie, reading a book about flowers. Like Hummy, she was sad, because her family had moved into the city from the country, with all its birds, flowers, butterflies and colors.

Hummy soon discovered that the flowers in Rosie's book did not make him sneeze!

With his little beak he could turn the pages...and without intending to, he was pollinating the books! He crossed history with trigonometry, and music with philosophy!

And going through so many pages, he learned to read!

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Book size: 8 in. x 8 in., softback

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Photo: Wally Nussbaumer

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