Black-chinned hummingbird (Archilochus alexandri)at the flower of the pomegranate ©Beth Kingsley Hawkins

Become a Member

No other bird captures attention more readily than the hummingbird. They are often called symbols of lightness and joy! We teach about hummingbirds and work internationally to protect them. We couldn’t do it without our loving members and donors. 

A General (individual or family) is just $50 a year. International memberships are $65 (to cover international shipping). We also have other membership levels for you to choose from. When you become a member you are automatically added to our monthly E-newsletter and you will receive a member certificate, hummingbird care information, bumper sticker, and calendar.

If you become a Calliope member or higher you will also receive free access to our 2022 Sedona Hummingbird Festival Presentations on our private YouTube channel.

We hope you find it in your heart to join today!


Thank you for your donations to help the Hummingbird Society in their nonprofit mission.

If you are in harmony with our desire to protect hummingbirds, we welcome your support. Your donation will have a magnified effect because of our small size!

We receive donations in someone’s honor. Please let us know the person whom you are honoring. If you want them to get a personal note from the Society, we need their address as well, and any info you want us to include.

We also receive donations in memory of loved ones. Please let us know your loved one’s name and whom you would like us to acknowledge and any other info you would like us to include. We will send a personalized note on your behalf. You can also send us the info in an email if you would rather.

If you are writing an obituary for a loved one, you can say for example  “In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the Hummingbird Society online at www.hummingbirdsociety.org or send a check to The Hummingbird Society, PO Box 20698, Sedona, AZ 86341 in memory of our loved one”

Your donation is fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Gift Membership

Do you have a family member or friend that loves hummingbirds? Why not gift them a membership to the Society? They will be added to our monthly e-newsletter that is packed full of interesting facts and stories. (International memberships are $65 to cover the cost of shipping.)


They will also receive a member certificate, hummingbird care information and a bumper sticker. There are 3 levels to choose from in the dropdown menu. Remember to give us their name and address so that we can mail their member packet.

Business Membership

Small businesses that are in harmony with the Hummingbird Society and its goals can become a business member for $100 a year. We encourage you to display your support for hummingbirds in your store, on your website, and in your publications.

Your benefits as a business member include:

A link to your business on our website as a supporter. We encourage our members to shop with our small businesses.

Improved customer perception-You’ll find everyone loves hummingbirds; they capture the imagination and are non-controversial.

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsors are invited to support the Hummingbird Society at levels of $500 and higher.

The mutual benefits to the Society and to your corporation are self-evident, particularly if your customer base includes people who love hummingbirds (an easy requirement!) 

For details on how to become a Corporate Sponsor please contact our Executive Director, Beth Kingsley Hawkins at info@hummingbirdsociety.org

Foundations who wish to support the Hummingbird Society can also contact Beth at info@hummingbirdsociety.org