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8/15/19 The next Sedona Hummingbird Festival will be July 31-August 1-August 2, 2020 (subject to finalization of venue contract)

5/29/19 A new Corporate Sponsor donates $10,000 to the Hummingbird Society!

Soapland GmbH, a German cosmetics company whose logo for its Manòu line of cosmetic accessories is a hummingbird, has become our Top Corporate sponsor! They have even created a German-language website, which debuted today: You can read the full text of the media release here.

2/01/19 If you'd like to sponsor a 1-day space in the 2020 calendar (sample shown below), we are now accepting reservations; cost is $250 and is tax-deductible!  Available to individuals and businesses; content subject to approval 
Contact our office for details:

sample sponsorship spaces in the Hummingbird Society calendars

link to Sedona Hummingbird Festival

Photo: Wally Nussbaumer

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