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Special Mourvèdre Hummingbird Wine rollout from Colibri Vineyards to benefit the Society. (Hummingbirds like red too!)

Page Springs Cellars continues to focus on ecological sustainability. From solar power to reclaimed water, organic farming practices to river restoration, PSC works hard towards protecting this beautiful planet that provides us with so much. In early 2021, a new eco-opportunity arose as The Hummingbird Society contacted Page Springs Cellars regarding the unique name of a remote, estate vineyard in the Chiricahua Mountains: Colibri Vineyard. This discussion quickly developed into an exciting new partnership, and a project to be savored.

Using grapes grown at Colibri Vineyard, Page Springs Cellars has produced a very special, single barrel of Wild Fermented Mourvèdre (2020 vintage). This wine has been designated to the new partnership between The Hummingbird Society and PSC to further their mission of protecting hummingbirds through education and conservation. Proceeds from this project will be donated to The Hummingbird Society.
The beautiful label reads: In all the vastness of the United States there are a scant 17 species of hummingbird. In the small, southeastern corner of Arizona where this wine was grown, 15 species have been recorded! This is a special place for wildlife and wine alike and it is these birds that inspired the naming of our Vineyard: Colibri (hummingbird in countless languages). Arizona's most abundant species of hummingbird is the Anna's which was beautifully depicted on our label by renowned master wildlife artist Gamini Ratnavira from Sri Lanka. This stunning bird and this wild earthy wine are a perfect pair; a pair whose sale will benefit the hummingbird society while also honoring the passing of Dr. H. Ross Hawkins, the society's founder.

This wine can only be purchased online using the link provided. Guests would still be able to pick-up their purchase instead of shipping it if they so choose.
States that we currently ship wine to: AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, IL, NH, OR, TX & WA

*Shipping Hold details: Due to high Temperatures, shipping restrictions are currently in place to protect our wines. Online orders are processed and held for shipping once temperatures allow this. PSC typically resumes shipping in early October.

Discounts: 10% off case purchases (Only 26 cases available)

Sales are available via this link:

2021 Calendar Wings of Light Orders are still being accepted  Click here  or click on the 2021 Calendar tab on our home page.

The next Sedona Hummingbird Festival will be July 29 - July 31, 2022

1/01/2020 Chantecaille, an internationally known cosmetics company, due to their spport of wildlife has become a Gold Corporate Sponsor ($2,500).


2021 We are grateful that Manòu, a Generous Conservation-inspired Corporate Sponsor contributed a donation of $10,000 to the Hummingbird Society again this year!

     Soapland GmbH, a German cosmetics company whose logo for its Manòu line of cosmetic accessories is a hummingbird, has become our Top Corporate Sponsor! They have even created a German-language website,: You can read the full text of the media release here.

link to Sedona Hummingbird Festival

Photo: Wally Nussbaumer

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