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Corporate Sponsors and Business Members

The following BUSINESS MEMBERS of the Society are members of "Businesses for Hummingbird Conservation" that was created by The International Hummingbird Society. You can encourage their continued support by shopping with them and telling them you appreciate what they do for hummingbirds. Different sponsor levels are listed at bottom of the page.


Manòu, Germany

Manòu is a division of Soapland Gmbh & Co. OHG, a leading German supplier of cosmetics accessories, and is our top corporate sponsor.   They have chosen hummingbirds, these wonderful, floating diamonds, as their logo, and they are committed to protecting hummingbirds and preserving their habitat.  By purchasing any Manòu product, you support them in their commitment — to save the hummingbird.

Top Corporate Sponsor  $10,000


Diamond Sponsor


Perky-Pet, Lancaster, PA

Perky-Pet is one of the oldest manufacturers of feeders for hummingbirds and other birds. They were the first company to become a corporate sponsor of the International Hummingbird Society!

Logo WBU Stacked Nature Shop.jpg

Platinum Sponsor


 Wild Birds Unlimited, Carmel, IN

At Wild Birds Unlimited, in addition to selling bird feeders and bird seed, their staff of Certified Bird-feeding Specialists are trained to show you how to turn your yard into a bird-feeding habitat that not only brings song, color and life to your home, but also benefits the wild birds and the environment in your area. 

High Country Gardens Logo (4).png

Gold Sponsor


High Country Gardens, Santa Fe, NM 

High Country Gardens offers an array of plants that grow in a variety of climates, including yours--with an exceptional emphasis hummingbird plants. Your #1 place for the Society's favorite hummingbird plant family, Agastache.

Gold Sponsor


Hummingbird Momma, Sycamore, IL  

In conjunction with the International Hummingbird Society we are inspired by the hummingbird’s delicate ecosystem role. Tammy, AKA (Hummingbird Momma) created our Premium USDA Certified Organic Hummingbird Food, with a mission to offer a sustenance that aligns with nature. This specialized food  is a testament to her dedication. By crafting an (iron-free) organic nectar that mirrors the sweetness and consistency found in flowers, Hummingbird Momma nurtures these incredible creatures, supporting their role in maintaining our ecosystems and preserving the dance of hummingbirds for generations to come. A Healthy Hummer is a Happy Hummer!


Silver Sponsor


Hummingbird Market, Tucson, AZ  

Since 2009 the Hummingbird Market has been committed to hummingbird health and happiness. That’s why they founded their firm in Tucson, Arizona, home to a wide variety of colorful hummingbird species. Plus, it’s why they’ve spent many years conducting in-depth research on natural flower nectar. Using high-performance liquid chromatography, they have quantified and qualified the crucial sugars found in this precious liquid. Their proprietary nectar formula replicates Mother Nature's own bounty. 100% pure, with no harmful dyes or additives, Hummingbird Market nectar is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of hummingbirds coast to coast.

The Lookout (Jay's Bird Barn).jpg

The Lookout, (formerly Jay's Bird Barn) Prescott, AZ

The Lookout carries an excellent variety of gift items, educational materials, birdbaths, pole systems, wind chimes, personal care products, jewelry, apparel, quality birdseed blends, bird feeders, bird houses, hummingbird and oriole feeders and other bird feed products like suet, quail blocks, and seed cakes. They also carry a wide selection of Swarovski and Vortex binoculars, spotting scopes, tripods and optics accessories.  

Silver Sponsor


Trogon Photo Tours, Fresno, TX

Join Trogon Photo Tours for great hummingbird photography.  Our tour leaders will help you get amazing hummingbird shots with multi-flash and natural light techniques.  We lead photo tours to countries with many species of hummingbirds such as Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Brazil.  We also lead photo tours for a lot of other amazing birds and wildlife such as bears and big cats.  Join us!

Silver Sponsor



Business Members


Business Members support the Society through their membership and their dedication to hummingbirds. 
Below, read all about the amazing offerings of our Business Members.



Black Mesa Winery  Velarde, NM

Black Mesa Winery produces wines made with all New Mexico Grapes as well as hard cider using only northern New Mexico apples. They also serve and sell New Mexico craft beers.

Crystal Cave  Springfield, MO

Crystal Cave's guided tours will take you into our naturally preserved historic cave, which first opened to the public as a commercial show cave in 1893. 

D.A.Z. Innovation Inc.

The Ant-Mote™ is packaged in, are made and sourced in the U.S., they are a family owned business who has developed the "Ant-Mote" that will stop ants in their tracks so you can enjoy your hummingbirds!

El Jardin Del Colibri San Diego, CA

Beautify your home and garden with unique plants, cacti, Mexican pottery, gifts and more from El Jardin Del Colibri.


Hummviewer  Loveland, CO 

Provides an observational sensory experience to feed and observe Hummingbirds up close.

Joy Unlimited  Cottonwood, AZ

Jill Whitener hosts fine art services in small group settings both instrumental & vocal.

KOOL Ice and Seafood  Cambridge, MD

When it’s time to stock the freezer with quality ice or the refrigerator with fresh seafood, look no further than KOOL Ice & Seafood Co. Open 7 days a week, we carry an impressive assortment of oyster, fish, shrimp, and crab options to adorn your table and satisfy your palate. We welcome large orders, too. 

Land of the Hummingbird Trinidad

Trinidad is called the Land of the Hummingbirds. Rachel Lee Young makes hummingbird and nature-accessible in your home using her photos of Trinidad and Tobago to create cards and wearable art – aprons, tea towels, napkins pouches, and special fabric - one featuring the hummingbirds of Trinidad and Tobago, including the Ruby Topaz and the White-necked Jacobin.

Rachel Lee Young  Photography  Miami, FL

Rachel Lee Young is a fine art photographer and designer, who features her custom- made greetings cards and surface textile designs including many images of the glittering jewels of Trinidad and Tobago.  

Tangled Lilac Photography  Flagstaff, AZ

Creative headshot photographer for weddings, family, pet, and senior pictures.   Dallas, GA

The Bird House Chick is a unique artisans birdhouse boutique that carries bird houses, wild bird feeders, bird baths and yard art.

The Hummingbird Feeder  Whitmore Lake, MI

As the name implies, they specialize in hummingbird feeders and also a hummingbird ring for hand-feeding hummingbirds up close.

The Hummingbird Store El Paso, TX

The Hummingbird Store offers their special Hummer Magnet feeder, as well as hummingbird information on their website and encourages interaction with customers around their hummingbird ​experiences.

Wellness Within by Ellyn   Wilmington, DE 

Ellyn is passionate about life and is humbled by the deep lessons learned after a traumatic injury as a child. She is a gifted teacher who supports people in recognizing their best selves and greatest potential. Through her yoga and meditation work she encourages clients to access their innate wisdom and find joy in each respective revelation.

Winship Designs  Eugene, OR

Winship designs is a husband and wife team of glassblowers who handcraft feeders using borosilicate glass.  Their unique one-of-a-kind feeders come in different shapes and colors with different design elements.

Mission Partners

Mission partners are companies that share a part of their profits with us.


Page Springs Cellars is donating a portion of the profits from the sale of the special Mourvèdre red hummingbird wine that Gamini Ratnavira painted the label for, which has a special dedication  in memory of Dr. H. Ross Hawkins, the founder of the International Hummingbird Society.


Clark's Market Sedona supported us through their Non-Profit Monday, giving us 5% of all the sales they made that day. 

Hummingbird Socks with flower.webp

Solmate Socks   Introducing the Hummingbird Crew Socks, a member of Solmate Socks' Give Back Collection! A portion of the proceeds from these socks will be donated to us and help our mission focus with teaching about hummingbirds and working internationally to protect them. These socks are fun and stylish and would look great on any feet. Click button below to check out their website and help support them and us in our mission for conservation and education.


       Sponsorship Levels

  • Silver - $500: Website listing (1 year), benefits of membership, listed in program at Sedona Hummingbird Festival.

  • Gold - $1,000: Website listing (1 year), benefits of membership, VIP Sedona Hummingbird Festival Pass*, listed in program at Festival.

  • Platinum - $1,500: Website listing (1 year), benefits of membership, VIP Sedona Hummingbird Festival Pass* X2, listed in program at Festival.

  • Diamond - $2,500: Website (1 year), benefits of membership, VIP Sedona Hummingbird Festival* X2, listed in program at festival, special announcement on stage, booth at Hummingbird Marketplace, logo shown on stage throughout the Festival (poster).

*VIP Sedona Hummingbird Festival Pass includes the following: 3 days of presentations, hummingbird banding demonstrations, and garden tours.

** In order to keep these benefits consider renewing each year.

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