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Meet our Staff

Black-chinned Hummingbird - Hilary Joy Morejon 

There are many hands that work to make the International Hummingbird Society a success. We each come with different backgrounds but share the same love of these special and amazing birds. Colibri is an international word for hummingbird. Since we are an international organization we find it fitting to call ourselves, "Team Colibri"! 

Alice Madar Machu Picchu.jpg

Alice Madar
Executive Director

Alice Madar took on the role of Executive Director in September 2023.  Prior to that, her work history included writing and editing for corporations and consumer magazines and a 20-year tenure as Administrative Director of Sedona Charter School, a non-profit Montessori charter school.   Having demonstrated a deep commitment to conservation, hummingbirds, and the Sedona Hummingbird Festival as well as a talent for leading a non-profit, Alice was a natural to head up the International Hummingbird Society after founder Ross Hawkins passed and his wife Beth Kingsley Hawkins retired.

Alice says, "Every day I look forward to working with all of the International Hummingbird Society's staff, members, supporters, and sponsors to help protect and expand our knowledge of these tiny, otherworldly beings.  In all of our activities I want to make sure to preserve the joy that everyone experiences at the Sedona Hummingbird Festival – and each time they see a hummingbird. Join us!"  


Barrie Todd 
Operations Assistant

With a Master's degree in Avian Science from the University of California at Davis and a Registered Veterinary Technician certificate, Barrie has a deep background in avian research and care.  Her work experience includes fieldwork and research projects with U.S. Fish and Wildlife and the National Science Foundation, and research, rescue, and rehabilitation through UC Davis and the International Bird Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. She has worked with a range of birds including raptors, penguins, and petrels.  Now she is thrilled to join our staff and focus on helping humans learn how to protect and support the tiniest of birds — hummingbirds. 

Barrie has become a key person in the office, handling membership and the many calls that come in with hummingbird questions and Society-related questions.  She is also vendor manager for the Sedona Hummingbird Festival, taking care of our expanded Hummingbird Marketplace and many of the site-related details for the event.  

Hilary Image.jpg

Hilary Joy Morejon
Banding Project Leader

Hilary is a hummingbird enthusiast who has a strong passion for these phenomenal birds. She started out by handfeeding and reading everything she could about hummingbirds. After she attended her first Sedona Hummingbird Festival in 2019 she was truly hooked. She and her husband Whitney Morejon moved to Sedona in 2021 and Hilary began working for the International Hummingbird Society in administration, social media, marketing, and festival management.

After two years and two festivals Hilary realized a long-held dream of learning to band hummingbirds through an in-depth training offered by Hummingbird Monitoring Network (HMN).  As a permitted bander under HMN, she will lead our hummingbird banding and monitoring project at Page Springs Fish Hatchery in Cornville, near Sedona.  Through this project we will gain a deeper understanding of hummingbird populations and migration in this area and contribute to a broader understanding of hummingbird populations in the U.S. 

Hilary continues to help the Society in social media, photography, festival operations, public speaking, and a myriad of other venues as needs arise, and we are deeply grateful for everything she contributes.  You can see her photography on Instagram at: hummingbirdsofjoy


Jacquie Foschia Daniels
Volunteer Coordinator 

Jacquie's love of the outdoors, wildlife, and especially hummingbirds brought her to us, but it is her attention to detail and skill at simultaneously managing and tracking the many pieces of a project that make her a winning Volunteer Coordinator.  Jacquie is the go-to person for our Sedona Hummingbird Festival volunteer sign-ups, assignments, and tracking, and we are so lucky to have her!  If you would like to volunteer for the Festival, contact her at

Irene Perez
Endangered Species Intern

Irene is an undergraduate at Northern Arizona University, studying for a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with a certificate in Wildlife Ecology and Management.  Irene says, "Even at a young age I always knew I would grow up studying all types of wildlife, but my heart has always been with birds.  Anna's Hummingbird was one of my favorite yard visitors and I was always delighted to see a male perform his amazing diving courtship display. . . with a dive that can have a height of up to 130 feet before the male comes swooping down in that “J” formation!"  

Irene's prior work with birds includes volunteering with the Arizona Game and Fish Department in Wickenburg, Arizona to help with bird banding, and interning in the Yellow-billed Cuckoo Survey project conducted by U.S. Fish and Wildlife service. For the International Hummingbird Society, Irene is surveying research and reports on endangered hummingbird species and developing articles for our website and newsletter.  With her dedication to conservation, her diligence in research, and her ability to write clear and engaging articles, Irene has proven to be an outstanding inaugural NAU intern for the International Hummingbird Society.  

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