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5/29/19 A new Corporate Sponsor donates $10,000 to the Hummingbird Society!

Soapland GmbH, a German cosmetics company whose logo for its Manòu line of cosmetic accessories is a hummingbird, has become our Top Corporate sponsor! They have even created a German-language website, which debuted today:

You can read the full text of the media release here.

2/01/19 If you'd like to sponsor a 1-day space in the 2020 calendar (sample shown below), we are now accepting reservations; cost is $250 and is tax-deductible!  Available to individuals and businesses; content subject to approval 
Contact our office for details:

sample sponsorship spaces in the Hummingbird Society calendars

10/10/18 Our next SEDONA HUMMINGBIRD FESTIVAL will be August 2-3-4, 2019! Click on festival logo to the right.

8/27/18 To celebrate National Hummingbird Day this year (September 1), a generous web-based business,, announced that they will donate 10% of all sales on that day to the Hummingbird Society!   In addition, FREE SHIPPING!|  We invite you to visit their website now, so that on Saturday, September 1, you can make your purchases in a way that benefits hummingbirds.
(Note added by editor: I'm buying a couple of ball caps!)

[What an idea!!  Boy, maybe other companies will jump on this bandwagon in the future...]

FYI, National Hummingbird Day is celebrated the first Saturday in September and was declared by Nancy Newfield (author and hummingbird bander) in 1996. Thanks, Nancy!

1/29/18  The Board of Directors has decided to make our festival a biennial event. The next one will be in the summer of 2019, probably the last weekend in July, but until the venue contract is signed, we cannot be more specific.

The reason for this is simple:  After holding six successful festivals, it was clear that preparing for one requires more time than we had been allowing, and other activities of the Society were not getting sufficient attention; to meet our obligation to our members and to our mission, we had to make a change.

We expect this will make an even more enjoyable event for attendees, and we have already had some rave reviews of our past festivals. The 2016 festival drew approximately 900 visitors from 39 states and 8 countries; more than half came from out of state, not just out of town!

We will keep you posted on plans for 2019 as they develop.

link to Sedona Hummingbird Festival

Photo: Wally Nussbaumer

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