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Anna’s Hummingbird photo by Lisa Meyers Swanson

Cathedral Rock photo by Beth Kingsley Hawkins 

Sedona Hummingbird Festival


Tickets go on sale May 1st for the Sedona Hummingbird Festival!
Festival Dates are July 28, 29, and 30th

You can now purchase our 2022 Sedona Hummingbird Festival Presentation Package.
Go to our festival tab and click on presentations! 

Hummingbird Festival.jpg

The Sedona Hummingbird Festival has ended! It was a great success! Thank you to our staff, volunteers, presenters, vendors, banders, hosts of the garden tours, hosts of the birding tours, special attraction folks, food vendors, and everyone who has donated! Without each and everyone of you, this festival would not have happened! See you all next year!


Online Tickets are no longer available

Every aspect of hummingbirds included: Science, art, photography, care, and more!

Many exciting treasures to behold at the Hummingbird Marketplace!

There is something here for everyone to see and do! Kids included.

Check out our board member, Carole Turek's YouTube video! Get up close in observing the hummingbird banding at the 2022 Sedona Hummingbird Festival.

Check out our executive director, Beth Kingsley Hawkins, as she talks of the magic of the Sedona Hummingbird Festival! Here is part 1!


Enjoy more on the Sedona Hummingbird Festival with part 2!

Listen to the last details of our incredible festival with part 3!

We are already planning for the next festival! Help contribute to keeping this legacy alive!

Click button below to donate! 


Presentations:  3 days of presentations by hummingbird experts from around the world in the modern, air-conditioned Sedona Performing Arts Center (SPAC).

Hummingbird Garden Tours:  Experience the magic of hummingbirds in the beautiful red rock setting of Sedona! Just a note, the hummingbirds are on their own schedule, and if they don't happen to be present in a particular garden when you are, you will still have a chance to see what the gardens have to offer in terms of hummingbird-attracting plants in a high desert environment.

They can be purchased for either Saturday or Sunday permitting a self-guided garden visit at your own schedule. This allows you to visit the gardens and spend as much time as desired but still see lectures on the opposite day. You will take your PayPal receipt and bring it to SPAC location where you will get a wristband and garden tour map to enjoy the gardens.  You may pick them up anytime Fri/Sat/Sun after 8am. 

NOTE: The map of the gardens will detail which gardens are handicapped accessible. ALL GARDEN SITES HAVE NO RESTROOM ACCESSIBILITY, SO PLAN ACCORDINGLY!

Gala Banquet Celebration: A delightful highlight of the 3-day event Saturday evening, with delicious dinner and good times. Menu choices are steak, salmon, or vegetarian. 

Banding Demonstration:  A tiny numbered band is attached to a hummingbird's leg so that its movements can be scientifically followed! You will never forget seeing tiny hummingbirds up close--and maybe even being chosen to release one after it is banded.

We will email the location and directions to the banding sites.

NOTE: The banding locations are handicapped (wheelchair and walker) accessible at Saturday and Sunday locations, only. Friday location is NOT handicapped accessible. ALL BANDING SITES HAVE NO RESTROOM ACCESSIBILITY, SO PLAN ACCORDINGLY!

Exhibits (free):  The Hummingbird Marketplace (exhibitors and artist area), held in the lobby of the Sedona Performing Arts Center, with easy access to shopping opportunities for "everything hummingbird." No admission fee!

Food Concession: We had delicious food trucks! Friday was be the amazing Old Crow BBQ food truck and Saturday was the highly sought after Merkin Vineyard Kebab food truck as well as their gelato food truck! Check back for what we will have for 2023!

Early Morning Bird Trips:  Birders had the opportunity to visit different habitats; tickets are reasonably priced, but reservations are required because of extremely limited capacity. Trips are led by the Northern Arizona Audubon Society. Please arrive early, bring your binoculars, and water.  Be prepared to car pool as parking is limited at the birding sites. They leave the SPAC promptly at 6:30 AM. Below are descriptions for each birding trip to help you decide which one is for you!

Oak Creek Canyon - should see higher elevation birds such as broad-tailed hummingbird, acorn woodpecker, house wren, white-breasted nuthatch, western tanager, cordilleran flycatcher. Also, a chance for Rivoli's hummingbird and warblers like painted redstart, red-faced, & grace's.


Page Springs - this is not a hummingbird trip, but you should see common black hawk, bridled titmouse, bell's vireo, brown-crested flycatcher, wood duck, and probably the most species of any trip. Also, chances for zone-tailed hawk, osprey, and water birds.


Chuckwalla - this is not a hummingbird trip, but guaranteed to see cactus wren & curve-billed thrasher. other likely birds are canyon towhee, ash-throated flycatcher, western kingbird, cardinal, woodhouse scrub jay, phainopepla. and if time permits leader might stop on way back for vermillion flycatcher and other birds.


Sedona wetlands and yard - a short walk around the wetlands for over summering ducks, nesting coots, pied-billed grebes, ruddy ducks, killdeer, song sparrows. other possibilities include yellow warbler, common yellowthroat, bullock's oriole. then a drive to a house with 20 hummingbird feeders that also has nesting summer tanagers, gila & ladderback woodpeckers, hooded oriole, and more. 

NOTE: The birding tours are NOT handicapped accessible. 

After the birding guides are paid, a large percentage of the sales goes to Northern Arizona Audubon Society. 

*Children 12 and under are free for all activities with a paid adult. 

Presentations, Marketplace, and on-site ticket sales will take place at:

Sedona Performing Arts Center (SPAC)

located at the Sedona Red Rock High School

995 Upper Red Rock Loop Road

Sedona, AZ  86336  

Ruby Festival Sponsor

Northern Arizona Audubon Society Logo.png

Our sincerest gratitude to the Northern Arizona Audubon Society for their generosity in helping the 2023 Sedona Hummingbird Festival be a success with a $500 donation!  Click on their logo to check out their website.

Lodging Partners 2023

Lodging partners are companies that have earned our gratitude by offering free accommodations to our presenters and/or offering discounts to festival participants.

Sedona Bear Lodge Logo.png

Sedona Bear Lodge   - Welcome to the Sedona Bear Lodge! We run an expansive bed and breakfast in beautiful West Sedona, Arizona, located on almost a full acre of land filled with peaceful wildlife, breathtaking scenery, with much more to see and do. When you stay at our B&B, you experience excellent service and the relaxation that you deserve. The Sedona Bear Lodge has graciously comped one of the nights for one of our presenters for the 2023 Sedona Hummingbird Festival! For festival participants that are staying at the lodge, click the link for special rates.

Sedona Village Inn Lodge.png

Sedona Village Lodge - Sedona is a magical place - there is nowhere else quite like it!  Located at 4500 ft., here, you will find yourself surrounded by ‘Red Rocks’ situated in a layer of rock know as the Schnebly Hill Formation. They have extremely reasonable rates for your stay so you can enjoy the 2023 Sedona Hummingbird Festival.

Muyaki Inn Logo.jfif

Muyawki Inn - The word Muyawki is Hopi that means, house of the moon. It is a smoke-free hotel that features an outdoor seasonal pool, WiFi for guests, coffee/tea in the common area, and is pet friendly. We are so grateful for this beautiful inn to be comping one room for three nights for the 2023 Sedona Hummingbird Festival for one of our presenters!

image (1).png

Element Sedona - Marriott -  A new Marriott pet-friendly hotel near Oak Creek Canyon featuring full suites with kitchens and top rated amenities. They have graciously comped one room for three nights for the 2023 Sedona Hummingbird Festival for one of our presenters!

Canyon Villa Logo.png

Canyon Villa - An Award-Winning Bed & Breakfast Inn, Canyon Villa was uniquely designed to showcase views of Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte, two famous Red Rock icons of Sedona. It's a good place to see hummingbird and to enjoy a full custom breakfast. A big thank you to Canyon Villa for comping one room for three nights for one of our presenters for the Sedona Hummingbird Festival in 2023! 

El Portal Sedona Hotel and Spa.jpg

El Portal Sedona's Luxury Hotel - Tucked away from the heart of Sedona, El Portal Sedona Hotel is an upscale hacienda-style property brimming with grandeur and boutique charm. Thank you for donating one room for 3 nights for one of our presenters for the 2023 festival!

Festival Partners

Festival partners are establishments or individuals who have earned our gratitude by helping the festival be a success.

Natural Grocers Logo Good 4 U.png

Natural Grocers Thank you to Natural Grocers for supplying us with snacks for our volunteers for the festival!

Oak Creek Espresso Black Logo.jpg

Oak Creek Espresso Thank you to Oak Creek Espresso for supplying us with all of our coffee and supplies for the 2022 festival!


Clark's Market A big thank you to Clark's Market for supplying us with water for the festival in 2022. We are so thrilled that they have also included the Society in their Non-profit Monday! Clark's gives us 5% of their proceeds of that day's sales. Our last time with them resulted in $2,000 in October 2021!

Dahl Restraunt Group.jpg

Dahl Restaurant Group Big thank you to Dahl Restaurant Group for donating two gift cards to Pisa Lisa! They have such delicious pizza. 

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