Mission Statement

Teaching about hummingbirds and working internationally to protect them


The hummingbird is a tiny but powerful voice for conservation. Through our love and action, the Society strives to teach about and protect these tiny vulnerable treasures, so they will thrive and continue to delight us with their luminous colors and acrobatic displays.



Our three day festival is bountiful in education. Presentations by world experts, demonstrations of hummingbird bandings, seeing hummingbirds at garden tours, and the hummingbird marketplace is sure to delight those looking for treasures. There is something for any and all ages.


©Lisa Meyers Swanson 
The Hummingbird Whisperer 

Latest News

 2023 Calendar

 Exciting news! Our 2023 calendar is NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER! Go to our shop and pre-order yours today!

We are still accepting donations for calendar spots. The cost to sponsor a space is $250. Personal dedicated spaces are available for your own postings advertising hummingbird related themes, perhaps a kudos to the society as praise for our work, a shout-out in honor of your favorite hummingbird, an honoring of an individual, or a dedication in memory of a loved one.

Spaces are first come first served. 

To assure your month, please email us at: info@hummingbirdsociety.org or call us at: (928)284-2251

*You will receive three free calendars for every space purchased (valued at $20 each).